Wednesday, October 5, 2011


 It's an outhouse!

I'm back in Cranbrook for a short impromptu visit, I'm only here for three days.  A couple weekends ago my parents were in Calgary and my dad was saying he wasn't feeling well.  Turns out he wasn't feeling well because his heart was all discombobulated.  He has "atrial fibrillation" which is cause by messed up electrical connections that causes the heart to beat too fast.  He was in the hospital for a few days, but he is out now and doing better.  He has to take a pile of pills to help regulate his heart rate.

I came back just for a few days because that's all I could get and I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it home next.  I drove home on Tuesday and went the north way through the park.  Now that summer is over that route was pretty quiet.  Normally, I drive straight through, but stopped this time because I had to go to the bathroom. Note to self, don't drink so much.  I stopped at Numa Falls and while I've driven by it many times I've never actually stopped.

You already saw the shot of the outhouse which is one of the classy ones with no light inside, no running water and a hole in the ground.  They did try to class it up a bit by putting a hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall.  I walked over to check out the falls.

There is a bridge that goes over the falls and it looks pretty cool.  The weather wasn't very good and raining a little bit.  The bridge was made of wood and since it was wet, was all slippery.  Somebody is gonna slip right off the edge!  I don't know why they didn't use a metal walkway and use wood the railings.

Looking up the falls...

...and looking down the falls.

Since I'm only home for a few days I won't have time to do much or see anyone else.  Sorry Willie!  You can still expect a House of Pain though.


Cara said...

I know you don't have much time in Cranbrook but you have to stop by the Scarff household. I heard a rumour that there is a Scottish gift waiting for you there.

Cara said...

PS - Sorry to disappoint you (and ruin the surprise), but the Scottish gift waiting for you is NOT haggis.

Keef said...

Sweets, thanks! I'm not disappointed about it not being haggis because I don't think it would still be good. Not that it was any good to being with.