Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dumpster diving

FYI, I didn't actually climb into a dumpster or garbage bin anything I just took something that was placed on top of it.  I probably wouldn't ever take something out that was already inside a dumpster unless it was REALLY cool.  Normally, I just pick up stuff that is placed on the side of the road.

On Thursday I was taking in our stuff to the recycling depot and the bins were getting pretty full as it was the week after Christmas.  What always annoys me is that people see their boxes are too big to fit through the bin slot, so they just leave them on the ground or on top of the bins.  It's like they're too stupid to know you can break the box down and then it will fold flat letting you put in in the bin.  I guess that's too much work for some people, especially people who can spend $500 on a Lego set.

Some spoiled kid got the Star Wars Death Star set for Christmas and at 3803 pieces it retails for $500, but I got his empty box.  The box is in good shape with only a couple tears in it, but it will do the job and that job would be pranking Logan.  Logan like Star Wars and Lego, last year I got the Millennium Falcon kit, so he is going to flip when he sees this.  Too bad it's just a box!  It's not going to be completely empty when I give it to him, I'll put a Lego minifigure inside.  I'm not that mean.  Am I a great uncle or what?

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mike said...

oh man that is harsh.. I would do that to Willie, but not Logan..