Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Picture in Picture

It's time for an easy post that requires little "writing" and just looking at some pictures...of pictures.  Eventually I will end up posting all my pictures on here, so you'll just have to put up with it until then.  Then again I just show the same pictures over and over and over again.  I'm pretty sure I haven't posted any of these except maybe one.

 That is a funny looking deer track.  Found this up at Tanglefoot Lake one July.  Maybe it's not a deer, maybe it's Bigfoot!

Foraging for food in the wilderness.  It is some big puffball which is actually edible.  I'm not even a fan of mushrooms, so no way I would eat this, but I'd have my picture taken pretending to eat it.

Joe hooks a big one!  Well, maybe the big one's little brother.

Old school air!  This was on the Dreadnaught back before they smoothed out that drop that was just over half down the run.

Jiff!  Note, he is wearing my jacket that I'm wearing in the picture above.  Jeff didn't come prepared so I had lend him my clothes, so he didn't succumb to the elements.

Cam and Willie go outside?  We went messing around up by Lumberton with Cody.  Don't worry I didn't roll any rocks off the cliff until they got out of the way.

Murray P!  On this trip I wore my brand new Merrell hiking boots right out of the box without breaking them in and then severely paid for it.  The insides of my heels were rubbed raw, they were red and the skin was hanging off.  It sucked and it was two weeks before I could even wear those boots again.

Total face-plant and that's why cross country skis suck. 


I think Jeff caught the same fish Joe did, even though it was a completely different lake.  They look the same.

I think it's broken.  You can't read it, but on the tail of the ski it says "203" as in that is how long they were, 203 cm.  Now everybody uses short parabolic skis, but back then I was using 203 cm racing skis which were stiff and heavy as hell.  The same skis from the air time pic, but it's a miracle I could even get off the ground.  Probably why they broke as the weren't meant for jumping, moguls, and all the other stupid stuff I would do to them.  Those were the second of three pairs of skis I've broken.

That's it...for now!  Next time I will post a picture of Cam riding his mountain bike with his mullet flowing majestically in the wind.


mike said...

Cam should grow his hair out again.. it should be his 2013 resolution.

Cara said...

If Cam makes that his resolution, mine will be to not been seen in public with him.

Keef said...

Cara, wasn't that your New Year's resolution last year?

mike said...

Aww-C'mon Cara, don't you remember Cam's grad pic? How can you say no to hair like that?

Cam said...

That picture of Sam made me smile, I like these picture posts!

All y'all's is just hatin'. Sometimes I miss my windswept longhair; feeling my tousled mane flapping in the breeze was a beautiful thing. Excuse me, I'm tearing up a little over here...

mike said...

I remember whenever we stopped while riding moose creek loop Sam would run off chasing squirrels..

Keef said...

Hey Cam, you should get hair extensions. That would awesome.

Mike, Sam was always up for walk or bike on the trails. It was funny that he was scared of thunderstorms though. He even knew how to open the door in the car port and get inside the house. If we weren't home and it was thundering out when we did get home the door would be open and Sam would be sitting in the basement downstairs. Once the storm passed he'd want back outside.