Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Junk I bought Vol. 147

I've had the past couple days off, so I've had lots of time to do nothing.  You think I would try and do a blog post, but nope.  Instead I just went out and bought some junk and now you get to look at a bunch of pictures of it all.

The first stop this morning was the thrift store!

I got a Derrick Storm book by Richard Castle, some old G.I. Joe party hats with three different price tags and a brand new sealed 8mm camcorder tape.  That tape is actually the second sealed camcorder tape I've bought lately.  Cody has his old camcorder here, so we can use it to shoot new stuff.  I actually like the look of the old camcorder stuff and besides nobody wants to see me in HD.

I also got this sweet 16" Toshiba TV which even came with the remote.  I didn't bother to try hooking it up yet, but I will.  They usually test them anyway to make sure they work.  When you find a TV on the side of the road, that's when you are taking a chance.

I got some groceries and for some reason was craving Hawkins Cheezies.  I haven't had some of these in forever, so it was time!

Then I went to Phoenix Comics and got some movies and a Smashing Pumpkins single from Gish.

The High School Flashback is actually a metal tin that looks like a locker and inside are three DVD, that have some cool sounding special features.  Sixteen Candles has a 10 part documentary, Breakfast Club has a 12 part documentary, The Origins of the Brat Pack, and commentary while Weird Science has 4 part retrospective, theatrical trailer and the pilot for the TV series.  Odd that Weird Science is the only with a trailer, the TV series pilot is a nice touch.

Remember how I was just talking about Star Wars Micro Machines the other day?  Well, I bought a bag of random Star Wars stuff with some Micros in it. 

The bag had these vehicles in it.  All cool ones, but I don't remember the name of that stubby Tie ship.

The stands for the ships were included, but there are different types.  The Micro Machine series used the smaller all clear stands while the Star Wars branded stands are from a different line.  They also had two separate bags of slight larger die cast vehicles, one with a Cloud Car and Tie Interceptor and another with Slave II.  I'm guessing the larger stands are for those vehicles.  If they are still there next time I go back I'll probably get them.  I just got this bag because it was full of more junk.  Also, I can't say no to a tiny Yoda.

There was some figures in there from obviously different toy lines.  The Micro Machines vehicle line didn't come with figures, but I think they did do play sets which is where the smaller figures came from including the posed Han.  There are some other guys which are a little bigger and a hologram Emperor and a Salacious Crumb from whoknowswhere.  The little slug dude is Stinky from the Clone Wars animated movie.  His name is Stinky!

I even got some comics!  Marvel recently got the rights to the Star Wars comics back from Dark Horse, so they are going full speed with a few SW titles right now, but I'm just reading the main title which takes place after ROTJ.  I'll give one thing away right now, Boba Fett lives!

If you think a Archie Vs Predator comic won't have any gore you are wrong because in the second issue pretty all the supporting characters are slaughtered.  I can't wait for issue three!  

That's it for now.  Wednesday night I'll put up an awesome post you won't want to miss!!

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Keef said...

After closer inspection the stubby Tie is actually a Tie Bomber with the wings broken off, so if anyone out there has a pair of Tie Bomber wings sitting around let me know. Thanks.