Monday, May 18, 2015


After being all bummed out because I won't be getting a Reese's t-shirt I was excited to see that Kellogg's has a new FREE promotion going on.

You get completely FREE, a Kellogg's branded character spoon.  Wait, it's not only a spoon, but also a straw?!  A spooraw??

This awesome because you don't have to mail in any UPCs or go online to enter some PIN codes, the prize is in right inside the box, it's instant gratification.  So of course soon as I got home I opened my box to see what I got.

I got the Rice Krispies spooraw which isn't my first choice, but it's better than the Corn Pops or Krave spooraws.  Why can't they just put the Tony the Tiger spooraw in the Frosted Flakes, Toucan Sam in the Fruit Loops, etc?  I mean if I like Frosted Flakes then I'm buying Frosted Flakes and want a Tony the Tiger spooraw.  They gotta mix 'em all up, fools be crazy.  

As always its a limited time offer, so get yours today and if you get a Tony the Tiger or Fruit Loops one I'd be up for trading my Rice Krispies spooraw.