Thursday, May 7, 2015

something something Star Wars reference

I was at Toys"R"Us the other day looking around because I need to get Avery a birthday present.  Sure it was his birthday a couple weeks ago, but I haven't been able to go back to Cranbrook and I'm not sure when I'm going back next, so that gives me lots of time to find something.  While I didn't see anything for Avery I ended up getting something for myself.  And going three posts in a row, it's Star Wars.

Hot Wheels has come out with die cast Star Wars vehicles and they are pretty sweet.  Back in the day I had almost all the Micro Machine Star Wars ships and I still do inside a Spider-Man gum box back in Cranbrook.  These are obviously larger and look way nicer.

 It is die cast except for the dish on the top which is plastic.  It also comes with a clear plastic stand.  If you have space on your desk, then you need one of these to class it up.

The stand isn't just for show, you can put it on your finger and "fly" it around.


In addition to the Millenium Falcon, there is a Y-Wing, Snowspeeder, Slave II and the Ghost.  At first I had no idea what the Ghost is, but it's the ship from the new TV show, Star Wars Rebels.

I just plain bought it as soon as I saw it, but I think it was $6.99.  I'll probably be picking up the other (original) ships too and can't wait until they come out with the X-Wing and Star Destroyer.  I'll need to either get a bigger desk or just clean the one I got.

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mike said...

I want a b-wing..