Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring cleaning

I'm sort of cleaning my room, but what I'm really doing is just organizing the crap all over my room into various piles.  Not much is actually getting cleaned, it's just getting moved around.  I have a got a few things I want to get rid of, but I'm not sure what to do with them.  They are still kind of cool, so I'm giving you guys a shot a getting some free crap.

First up are some shirts that no longer fit me.  They are all either sizes large or extra large that actually fit large.  Don't be scared, I shower every day and wash my clothes on a regular basis.  After the shirts it's just a bunch of various stuff.  Don't be shy, if you want something just let me know and it's yours.

A sweet Flashing Lights t-shirt which is actually brand new, size L.

Vintage Fort Steele tee which after probably 30+ years is now a medium size.

Another vintage ringer type tee.  I'm not sure what Princess of the Stars is, but I like the wolf on it.

Go to war with a brand new Battlefield 3 shirt!  Size L.

This is one is pretty new, a long sleeve shirt XL, but fits more like a L.

Flannel type long sleeve from American Eagle Outfitters which is a XL slim fit, so in normal sizes it might be a M.

Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with Butterfly Wings CD single.  I bought this for $2 then later remember than I had the box set of sings from Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

A media player!  It's a touch screen media player for videos, music and photos.  I used to take it to work before I had my phone, so I could watch toku shows on my break.  Easy to use, just hook it to your computer via USB and drag and drop what your want to put on it.

Nissian Skyline 2000 Turbo GT-E-S, don't worry it won't take up much room.

It glows!

Kamen Rider OOO, Tatoba combo, mini bobble head figure.  About 5cm tall.

Another bobble head figure, this time KR OOO Sagohzo combo

Stack of 11 DVD from Taiwan!  Full of old cartoons from old Superman to Looney Tunes to Tom & Jerry.

Stylish Angry Birds Space slap bracelet.

That's it until next time I feel like cleaning.  See ya in six months!!

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