Thursday, April 7, 2016

Because you need more Star Wars

I'm pretty sure you know that The Force Awakens has hit home video, so did you get a copy?  I didn't because I'm waiting for them to release in on 3D Blu-ray.  It came out on Blu-ray and DVD, but the 3D version is apparently coming out a later date.  I'm just guessing that the later date is sometime in November or December right before Rogue One comes out.  Oh hey, guess what?!  The new Rogue One trailer just came out today, so check it out.

If you don't know or can't figure it out from the trailer, Rogue One is set before Episode 4: A New Hope and tell the story of how rebel commandos stole the Death Star plans.  Even though it's older, it looks like we get to see some new types of Stormtroopers.  Also, the bad guy with the big cape who for some reason has it really long so it drags on the ground and through puddles.  If they can build a Death Star I'm pretty sure they can get stains out of a cape.  Although, it still seems like it would be a pain to me.

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