Thursday, April 14, 2016

Morphin' time

I made it back to hooray??  The weather has been pretty nice lately, so of course the day I drive back to BC is the day is finally rains and snows.  Yes, just outside of Calgary, the rain turned to snow briefly.  Lucky it was melting as soon as it hit the pavement, but was actually staying of the sides of the road and on the trees.  This all went away as soon as I got near Canmore and it was smooth sailing all the way to Cranbrook.

Before I left I had to go the dentist to get a filling done.  After she finished the dentist told me it was a pretty deep filling and once the freezing wore off it might be a little sore and sensitive to cold.  Well gee thanks because it wasn't even really bothering me before you fixed it!  The whole side of my face was numb which finally starting wearing off once I got to Radium.  All I had to eat all day was a sandwich for breakfast and that's it, not even anything to drink, so I was pretty hungry and thirsty.  I went in the Petro Can to get food at Subway and while I'm wait in line the power flickered and then cut out.  I waited a second in hopes it would turn back on, but it didn't.  I left and as I left Radium I noticed it wasn't just the Petro Can that had no power, but the whole town.  I finally got food in Fairmont at the Subway there cuz they had power!

I'm not sure what I doing tomorrow, probably check out the thrift stores and drop some stuff at the thrift stores.  I'll make sure to buy less stuff than I drop off though.

Also, Mike let me know that they are filming stuff for the new Power Rangers movie in Kamloops and I told him to get out there and paparazzi the sh#t out of it and he actually did!  He sent me a few pictures today and here is one of them.

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