Monday, April 25, 2016


Here is a quickie post of some stuff I brought back from Cranbrook last week.  Some of it is old and some of it is new.

My mom went on vacation last month and brought back magnets for my fridge.  Now that she knows I like fridge magnets she always bring some back for me if she goes somewhere.

No, she didn't go to Paris or Frankfurt, but she was in their airports!

Nope, she didn't go to Japan either, just the Tokyo airport.  I really like this magnet though.  She actually got it for me last fall on her trip to visit my uncle and Murray in Taiwan.  She lost it and just found it before I came home.

Yes, she went to Portugal!   I guess they love Castle over there and their TV shows air in their entirety without commercial breaks and then they show like fifteen minutes of commercials after the show is done.  CRAZY!

While looking through a box of old papers and school stuff I found some old scripts we wrote and some blank storyboard pages.  I made up the storyboard pages to help us get more organized for filming and then we never ever used them.  Being organized is overrated anyway.

I quickly made this up because it makes for a better picture than just a blank sheet of paper.

This story is some crazy mess about Jesus fighting Satan and Hitler.

The script is a little more down to earth (haha, not really!) and it's called The Entity.  It's about an evil entity!  I'm pretty sure this is inspired by our video, Satan's Shack.  I guess we liked the idea and decided to flesh it out a bit more.

Honestly, I don't even remember writing either of those scripts and when I showed them to Cody neither did he.  After reading them, they are pretty bad, but like most of our projects there are one or two moments that are actually a little entertaining.

Since I'm on the subject of our terrible videos, while I went to Cody's YouTube page to get the link for Satan's Shack, I noticed that our Badge of Betrayal trailer has 581 views!  Holy crap, that's a lot since all our other videos can't get over 50.  It still only has one "like" though...and it's from me!

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