Thursday, April 28, 2016

No comment

A few years ago I had some random post here on my blog that was repeatedly getting spammed by bots posting weird comments.  I had to go in every couple days and deleted their annoying comments until eventually it was just easier to delete the post and be done with it.  Luckily, once I deleted the post, the spamming stopped.

Even though spam comments are bad, at least I was getting comments.   Comments are few, maybe if I try and do cool and more interesting blog posts I'll get more comments.  I think the problem is if maybe if I had more than three readers I'd have more comments.

Once in a while on my blog dashboard I'll go into the "Comments" where I can read all the comments.  I do this just to make sure I'm not getting spammed again.  I was doing this a little while ago and noticed a comment that wasn't from Mike, Cam or Cara.  A comment was made back on March 1st, but it was left on a post I wrote way back on February 25, 2011.  Damn, what search engine dug that post out for someone?

The post was my "Stickers!! again..." post where I showed off my sticker box back in Cranbrook full of skate/ski/snowboard stickers.  Some snowboard dude was asking about the Burton sticker seen in one of the pictures.  Sounds like the guy wanted the sticker, but it's long gone now.  I said in the post I should give it to Jeff, which I actually ended up doing along with an old school snowboard magazine with Shaun Palmer on the cover.  I could e-mail him telling that, but if he could somehow find that original post, then I'm sure he can find this follow up post explaining I don't have it anymore.  Sorry dude!

Also, while "researching" this post I went back to look at the old comments posted, all 1525 of them and then found a comment posted here, Goonies 'R Good Enough.  I wonder if Rebecca still wants them?  Price has gone up to $3 each!!


Cam said...

I used that snowboard dude's username as a clue and found this site: which is a barely-started site on which he is looking for donations to ADD TO THE MUSEUM or whatever. Just think, your sticker coulda been in a picture on the internet!

mike said...

I saw Willie comment once, but he probably went and had a shower and forgot how to turn his computer back on..

Also I've given your blog address to Kristian, but after I wondered if it was just part of some rcmp investigation.