Monday, April 18, 2016


Today I met up with Willie again and this time we went to Burger King for lunch.  We had both seen the BK commercials on TV with their new Angriest Whopper which takes the Angry Whopper to the next level.   We had to try it because I guess their media campaign worked, also the bun is red because it has hot sauce baked right in!!!  The Angriest Whopper turned to to be no so angry, maybe more like mildly annoyed.  As for the bun which was the big selling feature for me in the ad, it's like Willie said, "Has food colouring baked right in!"  That spicy jalapeño burger I had at Carl's Jr was way spicier than the Angriest Whopper.  Another let down...

It's not that angry...

After Burger King we went to Aabco and once again I found myself wondering why I ever go there.  After a day of visiting thrift stores and new and used places I always have to wash my hands because they're always feel so dirty.  After visiting Aabco I have an urge to not wash my hands, but have a shower instead.  They still smoke in there, so the place smells and everything is sticky and dusty.  I still ended up buying X-Men: Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut blu-ray for $5 and Willie bought the Ghostbusters blu-ray set for $5.  DVDs are only $2 each, but I couldn't find anything I liked.  Even though I don't really like the place I'm sure I'll go back again just because the movie prices can be cheap.

After that I went it alone to Twice is Nice where I bought some old school CED Videodiscs, a Star Wars Emperor's Royal Guard button, a GUTS! dude and a polyester shirt from the 70's.  The videodiscs were Yor The Hunter from the Future, Sheena, Killpoint and Search and Destroy.  I was bummed to discover later that the writing on the front of my Yor disc was actually in English and says "Skips on one side."  Well that sucks.  I was planning on recording the videodiscs to VHS and then transferring the VHS to DVD, so then I could watch it.  I can still do that with the other three though.

4K is out, CED Videodisc is the hot new video format.

Well, that sucks.  Luckily it's only on one side.

Then I found this old rag laying around at home.

Hey, wait a minute!  So that's what happened to that shirt.  I've been looking for that thing for like 23 years!

I also bought a jar of homemade Saskatoon jam from the Gold Creek Store.  I've never had Saskatoon jam, so I'm giving it a try.  Fingers crossed it isn't gross.  It does look pretty runny though, consistency could be more thicker.

Anyway, I'm going back to Calgary tomorrow and taking all my rad finds with me.  Plus a few small extras that I dug out of storage, but more on that at a later date...maybe.

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