Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I made it back to Calgary today, so yeah or whatever.  The drive back was pretty quiet until Castle Junction onto Highway 1.  Before I left I remembered to grab my digital camo gloves that I forgot there at Christmas.

Not that I even need them now that it's 27C here.  That is too hot for April, we are supposed to be eased into hot weather as it gradually warms up.  Damn, climate change.

When I was getting gas I bought a chocolate bar for the road.  A Maple Mars bar which is way better than a regular Mars bar.  Just goes to show that maple makes things better.

Before I go I thought I'd better remind everyone that April 20th is National Canadian Film Day.  I heard about this last year, but unfortunately it had already past by the time I was aware of it.  This year I am totally ready!  Luckily I saw a commercial for it on TV the other day which reminded me to look it up on my computer.

Make sure you watch a Canadian film tomorrow!  The website lists channels and films playing tomorrow as well as websites that have films for free.  Willie says he's going to watch Hard Core Logo, what are you going to watch?


mike said...

What happened at Castle junction? I'm on the edge of my seat!!

Keef said...

Then I got on Hwy 1 and there was more traffic on the road. The End.

mike said...

Good story, kind of boring in the middle but that ending more than made up for it.

Keef said...

Thanks Mike. I'm working on a treatment to shop around Hollywood to have it made into a movie.