Monday, November 28, 2016

For Me!

Well it's almost December and I haven't even started my Christmas shopping and it doesn't help that I have no idea what to buy anyone and have no money!  Pay day was last week, so I thought I should try and get some shopping done, but as usual I just ended up spending my money on crap I don't need.

I picked up another Disney Infinity figure, but at least Fett was down to $3.97 for Black Friday sales.

I went to good old Cash Converters (now renamed the original Buy and Sell Store) to look for some used movies for Matt and Logan and see what they had for used PS4 games for Logan.  Didn't find anything interesting, but I bought some cheap 3D blu-rays for myself and a Chemical Brothers CD.

Never heard of this particular Chemical Brothers album?  Well that's because it's a bootleg!  At least they did it up right with disc art and everything.  I picked it up for the decent selection of songs and the bonus tracks.  FYI, the Bros. just released a new single and you can watch the video for it here,

They still had the balls to put the following warning on the disc, "This DVD is for private home viewing only.  It's not licensed for any other use.  Unauthorized public performance, broadcasting or copying is violation of applicable laws."  I think they just put that on there as a joke because well it's a BOOTLEG!

Well so far I've only spent money on cheap things.  Hahaha!  We went to Market Mall the other day and Cody went to HMV and I went to the Vans store which is directly across from it.  I was just going to look.  Then I was just going to try on a pair of shoes.  Then I walked out with $140 in my bank account.

I got a pair of "weatherized" Vans for the cold Canadian winters.  The are lined with faux fur and the outsides are Scotchgarded.  I still bought some spray to help keep them water resistant.  I used to wear a pair of Merrell shoes for the winters and I've worn these Vans a couple times and they are already way more comfortable.  Plus they look way more cooler.

While I was there I bought this pair of half price Vans Nintendo socks with Donkey Kong on them.  I'm hoping the Van Toy Story socks go half price soon.

Hopefully, I'll get some Christmas ideas soon and won't run into anymore stuff I like.  I have no will power.  

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