Thursday, November 17, 2016

Free Toy

I was getting groceries and spotted some Kellogg's cereal boxes with "FREE TOY" on the box and I was like, "You have my attention."

...or Game!

The back of the box has at the details including that you need two PIN codes to get a coupon for a toy or game, not an actual toy or game.  Once you enter your PINs you can choose from a coupon for a toy/game up to $10 or a $10 off coupon for a toy/game valued $25 or more.  The box also states there are 50,000 coupons for the free toy and 90,000 coupons for the $10 off coupons.  I have a feeling the free toy/game coupons are going to run out first.  Two boxes of cereal are cheaper than $10!  Also, limit of three coupons per mailing address.

What I don't like is that it doesn't even state what type of toy/game the coupons can be used for.  Any specific brands?  Can the coupons be redeemed at any stores or just certain ones?  I'm going to pass on this offer, it is just too much work!  Getting PINs, redeeming them for a coupon that then gets mailed to you, then you still have to go out to the store (which ones I don't know) and redeem your coupon.  If anyone wants my PIN let me know and I'll hook you up yo.

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