Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tales of Cranbrook

Okay, here is a quick update on Cranbrook...not much! Well that's not totally true. I was back from Sunday to Wednesday. My brother and his two buddies were there because they were in Kimberley building a house. The whole time I was there, none of them had a shower except my brother on Wednesday morning. Showers are free, so take as many as you want! I guess that's the norm in Greenwood.

I saw my sister, Matt, Logan and Avery. Avery is just like six months old, so he just sorta crawls around and that's about it. Logan went as Scooby-Doo for Halloween and the costume looked pretty good. He wasn't going to say "Trick or Treat", but "Rick or Reat!" because that's Scooby style.

After driving from my parents house to town (and back) a few times I noticed the amount of deer on the roads is insanely dangerously. It's a slalom course of kamikaze deer both ways and they are actually on the roads all the way from the house up until city limits. It's an epidemic! I came literally inches away from hitting a deer, it was too close. There were four deer eating our lawn on Tuesday and Aspen won't even bother chasing them away anymore because they just come right back. We live out of town, so that is expected. My sister's neighbor was downtown at the CIBC bank Wednesday morning at like 8:30am and she got out of her car and then was run down by a deer! Deer vs human collision! Everyone will have to start packing rifles to fend off crazed deer. Since all the deer are hanging around town, that means all the predator types are coming into town too. A cougar killed a horse in Jim Smith on the weekend. All I gotta say is...DAMN GLOBAL WARMING! WE ARE DOOMED!

More tomorrow!

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