Thursday, November 29, 2007

Keith's Big Score Part 2

Last weekend was Thanksgiving in the US and Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year also known as Black Friday. My sister went down to Kalispell to get in on some the crazy deals. Deals so good old ladies get trampled! It did happen I saw it on the news.

Anyway, I sent her a list of important stuff to get for me...cereal and Diet Pepsi! I asked her to get me a bunch of cereals and some Diet Pepsi flavors that aren't available here in Canada. Check out my haul.

You used to be able to get those kinds of cereal here in the old days, but not anymore. I guess the Canadian Food Inspection Agency put a stop to that as we don't need anymore super sugary cereals. My sister said all the kids cereals down there is all sugary crap, no wonder all the kids down there are getting fat.

For dinner I had some Bamm-Bamm Berry Pebbles (not pictured). I wasn't bad, it was very fruity, you can really smell it. I have this image of my innards turning all pink, yellow, and green as it gets digested. Yummy! I remember Pebbles used to be round shaped, but now it's in flake form. Looking at the picture on the box I was expecting Frosted Flake sized flakes, but these flakes were puny. The crumbs at the bottom of the Frosted Flakes box are about the size of the Pebbles flakes.

I was disappointed she couldn't find any Diet Pepsi Max. It's an energy drink soda with ginseng and more caffeine. Hey, it's got ginseng and that sounds kinda healthy. My parents are going down this weekend and they'll gonna look again. I needs my ginseng! And more caffeine!

In other food news I picked up a bag of Old Dutch's Crispy Bacon flavor chips. I got them because I wasn't sure how they could pull off the "crispy" flavor. It tasted slightly more bacon-y than regular bacon chips, but I can't say it tasted crispy.


mike said...

fair trade at its finest.
you should request some count chocula.

Keef said...

I actually asked for some Franken Berry and Boo Berry. You can get Count Chocula here, but not those two! Weird.