Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Crap

I like to tip you guys off to free stuff like Cheerios t-shirt or Kashi cereal samples and I'll keep that cereal theme going with free Fibre Plus samples.  I just saw a commercial literally two minutes ago for free Kellogg's Fibre Plus cereal sample.  Since then I ran upstairs, went to the website and filled out the form for my free sample, then started writing this.

Click on over to the Kellogg's Fibre Plus website and get started on your free sample.  I'm warning you that you have to answer three questions before you get to the form, but I'm not sure if there is actually right or wrong answers.  I didn't answer the questions truthfully, I just told them what they wanted to hear so I would get my free sample.  Remember Mike that you have to lie in order to get what you want, that goes for stickers and free cereal samples!  I choose the berry blend flavor.  I didn't see anything that would say how long it would take for the sample to arrive, but it had better be soon.

Did anyone get the my "joke"?  A post about free "fibre" cereal and the title is "Free Crap".  Get it?  It's funny right?


mike said...

'I eat Kellog's Fibre Plus with every meal, it taste great!'

what, too much?

also, they would get way more funny/cool point if it were called Berry Blast.. ha!

Keef said...

Colon Blow.