Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today is the third and final day of my three days off from work.  I'm not complaining about having three days off from work, but I'd rather they weren't all consecutive.  I'd rather work a day then get a day off, work a couple days then get another day off and so on.  Breaking it up is better than getting a bunch of days off in row because it just makes it that much harder to go back to work.  I didn't completely waste my three days off I did a couple things.

On the first day Cody, Dennis and I went for breakfast at The Belmont, a diner that only does breakfast and lunch.  We got there around 11am, so it wasn't that busy.  The Belmont is super small, so there isn't much room and even though it wasn't busy we still couldn't get a table or booth, so we had to sit at counter/bar on stools.  Get a booth or table because my crummy corner stool seat was too hard on my back.  I am so old!  Cody and Dennis got blueberry pancakes and I got french toast.  It was pretty good even if it is some hipster joint.  It did cost us just over $52 for the three of us, but we left $60 cash because that's how we roll.  They have a breakfast dish called the Cody Scramble, but Cody didn't even get it! 

After "brunch" I went and got my shaggy mop cut.  It was getting so long I could almost comb it, if I had a comb.


The weather hasn't been that great lately, but Wednesday it was supposed to start warming up, so I decided we head down to Chinatown to pick up some movies.  Cody had the day off, so he came too.  I'm too cheap to pay for parking downtown, so I always park up on the hill and walk down across the Centre St. bridge to Chinatown.  As I said it was warming up, it wasn't actually warm yet.  I couldn't decide if I should wear my North Face jacket which would be too warm or wear my lighter jacket which might not be warm enough.  I decided to wear my lighter jacket and then froze.  :-(

Cody and I walked down to the Dragon City Mall where at the movie place I got four movies; Goemon, Ong Bak 3, Reign of Assassins and Detective Dee.  They even have bootleg movies in Blu-Ray format.  I stuck with regular movies and my Sony Blu-Ray player wouldn't even play them, so I had to use my old $50 Philips-plays-anything DVD player.  In the same mall I went to the candy/snack store and Honey World.

I bought these little snack crabs for my dad.  I wonder if he'll actually eat them?

The cola flavored Hi-Chew is awesome, the lychee is good, but the soda sucks.  Next time I'll just get cola.  I've had these before, plus I think the name is cool.

Bootleg!  I bought this Kamen Rider knock off figure at Honey World which sells a lot of toys and junk, a lot of them being imitations.  I liked this from for lots of reasons, the packaging, the figure, and the fact that it has launching fists.  The figure itself is die cast and comes with five(!) sets of fists which can be fired from the arms.  I don't know how old it is, but the packaging certainly looks older.  I want to give it a try, but I'd rather keep it in the package.  It's probably safer too as it's probably die cast from a lead.  It's made in Taiwan, so I'll ask Murray if he can find me some more.

After Dragon City we went to Jing Jing bakery and got a chocolate roll and then to Ti Ti Vietnamese Subs.  I dragged Cam there the one time he came to Calgary and he absolutely loved it, he wouldn't shut up about how great it was.  The weather wasn't that great and Ti Ti is ridiculously small, so we had nowhere to go and eat our subs.  We had to walk back up the hill and then eat them in the car.  I drove and Cody got crumbs all over his seat!

Today, Thursday, was a little quieter as I took in the recycling, bought some groceries, went to the post office and went to Phoenix Comics.  Not that exciting except I came home with my very own Fonzie!

Sit on it!

Yep, that's an original Mego Fonzie doll from 1976.  He's in pretty good shape too except for some hear on his head.   You can fold his thumbs down, so he's not always giving a thumbs ups.  The best part is that he actually does give a thumbs up.

Pressing down on the lever on his back will lift his arms up, but you have to make the "AAAYYYY" sound yourself.  If something isn't cool, then you can rotate his hand around to give a thumbs down.

The Fonz says, "Get lost you nerd!   AAAAYYYY!"


Cara said...

That's not what I hear. Cam remembers shutting up quite quickly about how great the Vietnamese subs were.

Keef said...

And you believed Cam? I called him once and he was cooking beans and toast for dinner. Is he a hobo? I bet he even ate it out of the can. A Vietnamese sub is fine gourmet dining compared to that.

Cam said...

I'll tell you what looks like fine gourmet dining - them li'l snack crabs! Are they some crazy flavour or just BBQ?

Also, I stand behind my beans and toast as an acceptable lazy guy meal. Sometime I grate cheese on it if I feel slightly less lazy.