Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wascally Wabbit

What's up?  Nothing exciting going on here in Calgary hence the lack of updates.  The weather has been pretty lame and colder than usual for this time of year.  On Thursday it was foggy and the moisture in the fog froze as ice on the ground and pretty much everything.  There was something like 200 car accidents that day alone.  When I looked outside it didn't look that bad, but then I stepped out and almost slipped and fell three times before I even made it out of our yard.  My car was covered in ice and it took me 10 minutes to scrap the windows, but it was more like chipping than scrapping.  Blowtorch please.

It snowed again last night and when I looked out the kitchen door I saw we had a visitor.

There are a couple rabbits running around here.  I just hope it isn't the freaky bug eyed rabbit, that dude gives me the creeps.   I posted his picture on here once.  His bug eyes make him look insane like he'll slit your throat just because he doesn't like your shoes.


Cam said...

I found your freaky friend, and I don't mean Willie.

Keef said...


I came home from work after 1pm this afternoon and was going to get groceries but got lazy and didn't bother. Later at around 4:30 I realized I had no food left, so I went out to grab some basics.

As I was walked out to my car I saw that psycho rabbit was sitting right in front of it! OMG!! I had to go around from behind to get in because the rabbit was sitting directly in my path. I got in and slammed my door, started the car up and drove away. He didn't even move! Cool as ice.

He has his winter coat now, so he's mostly white and can blend in to his surroundings. When I came back he was gone which at first was a relief, but then I knew he was still around lurking somewhere and waiting...

Also, Cam did you use the "Search this Blog" gadget to find that post?

mike said...

you should take Cody's bat and put it in your car, that way you'll be covered for any rabbit related attacks. Sorry Cody.

Keef said...

That is my bat! I just let Cody borrow it because I am nice. I also have a sword somewhere.