Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time to cancel the cable

After posting about free cereal samples this morning I put on my "outside" clothes and hopped in the car and headed to Dollarama.  Since Cash Converters is right beside Dollarama me and Cody had to check it out "just because".  Cody found volumes 2 and 3 of the Real Ghostbusters and they are pretty nice sets, each set has three discs and even extras!  Whoa!  I bought the movie Out Cold because on the cover of the DVD it said "Animal House on ice!"  It stars Jason London and Zack Galifianakis as a pair of partying snowboard buddies and Lee Majors plays a sleazy land developer.   Once we got over at Dollarama I got a few food items, but nothing to talk about except for this weird protein drink. 

21 grams of protein!!!  It doesn't actually have much sugar in it which is why I bought it, plus that fact that it's frosty chocolate flavor helps too.  I tried it tonight and didn't bother to read the can and the part where it says to shake it up.  It tasted like Yoo-Hoo and I didn't like Yoo-Hoo that much.  Since I didn't shake it up once I got to the bottom of the can there was all this sediment left over, it was kinda gross.  Unfortunately I bought two cans, so I still have to drink one.

My car has the worst cup holder ever in it.  I had a bottle of Coke Zero sitting in it that I had bought at Dollarama and I didn't get the cap all the back on when I put it back in the holder and when I turned a corner the bottle fell out and sprayed all the car.  It sprayed on the windshield, the dashboard, me, and Cody, but mostly Cody.  It was a bit messy.  I had a pair of mittens Elaine knitted for me sitting the back seat and had to use those to wipe up the mess.  Now I'll just get lazy and not finish cleaning it up, so the dash will be a sticky.

We pulled in the parking lot at Smart Buy, formerly known as Bianca Amor's, and cleaned up the mess and went inside.  If buying some DVDs at Cash Converters wasn't enough we went into Smart Buy and bought more DVDs!   They had a bunch of Shout Factory TV DVDs for $10 per set.  Cody bought Parker Lewis Can't Lose seasons 1 and 2 while I bought The Weird Al Show complete series.  I also got the Dana Carvey Show for $5.  We watched the first two episodes of Parker Lewis and the first episode has a hot teenage Milla Jovovich guest star.

We also watched the first two episodes of The Dana Carvey Show.  This sketch comedy show suffered the same fate as The Ben Stiller Show with it only making 9 episodes (only 8 aired) before getting canceled.  It's from 1996 and stars future comedic legends Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.  It has a lot of political humor which makes it feel extremely dated, but it still does have it's funny moments.

The Weird Al Show features commentaries on all 13 episodes by Weird Al himself.  The series is from 1997 and for some reason I thought it was older than that.  I also got Dukes of Hazzard season 5,  which is the one with Coy and Vance.  Rounding out my DVDs I also got Them! and Panic in the Year Zero/The Last Man on Earth double feature.

I decided to take a break from showing you crazy pictures of me, so I'll show you a crazy picture of Cody showing off his "goods".

That is the haul of DVDs that we got today and as you know we already have a huge pile laying all over our living room that we still have to watch.  I think it's time to cancel the cable in an effort to motivate us to start watching more.

Even though I was busy writing about free cereal offers, doing my laundry and buying DVDs I still found time to bake a pie.  I didn't make the pie, I just baked it.  A couple Cranbrook ago I stole a frozen apple pie out of my parent's freezer.  It was one of the Pee Wee AA hockey pies they sell to raise money.   It turned out pretty good, I didn't even managed to burn it.

Cody had two pieces, so it couldn't have been that bad.  Anyway, I'm off to watch some Dukes of Hazzard.  YEE-HAW!!!

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