Tuesday, March 1, 2011

K is for Keith

As if I didn't need any more stuff I got this in the mail the other day.  It's a letter "K" like for Keith because I needed something hip to put on my desk.  I know you are thinking, "Big freakin' deal, it's just a letter K!"  Well, that's where you are wrong!  In addition to being a letter K, it is also a super bad ass robot.

Tha bad assery is off da chartz!

A letter K that transforms into a robot?  Well yes, it is from Japan.   Because everything there transforms into a robot therefore making it cooler.  Don't worry you can get every letter in a letter/robot toy even if you have some stupid name that starts with X or Z.  Getting enough letters for an entire name would be a bit too much unless you have a short name like Cam or something.  I ended up ordering mine from the UK.

The concept is pretty cool and it looks pretty good in both letter and robot form, but it's not without it's flaws.  I was disappointed with the construction because right out of the package the legs are already really loose.  They need to be more stiff, so they hold together better in letter form.  Usually, Japanese stuff is pretty well made, so this a bit of a let down.   You dropped the ball on this one Japan!

Another weird thing about these little toys is that they also put candy in with it.  When I say candy I mean "A" piece of candy, not candy plural.  When I got my Phone Braver toy it had candy in it, my Bruce Lee figure had candy, etc.  Now there is nothing wrong with candy, but this is weird Japanese candy and not that good.  Maybe it's like seaweed flavor.  Throw in some gummy candy or sour balls and then we're getting somewhere.

Yummy candy??

Instead of getting robots to spell out your name, it would be funnier to get them to spell out hilarious and offensive words like FART, POOP, ASS, and the list goes on.

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