Wednesday, March 30, 2011

That is a lot of pee

I've lived in Calgary just over 13 years now and still don't have a family doctor.  For a normal person this might not be a big deal, but for me and my chronic health concerns I should be seeing someone on a regular basis.  Until now I've just been going to walk in clinics, but it's probably about time I get a family doctor.

There is a walk in clinic right by where we live that I've been going to since we moved here.  It's nice and new and clean and I haven't any problems.  I was talking with the pharmaphist/diabetic educator there and she suggest I got across the road to a clinic that is accepting new patients.

I met with this Vietnamese doctor, Dr. Vu, and he seems nice.  He gave a lab sheet for a bunch of tests because he wants to see what my numbers are and such.  I thought it was simple stuff, take some blood, pee in cup and get some wires hooked up for an ECG.  The blood and ECG was easy stuff, but the pee in the cup was actually pee in a JUG!

When I saw the lab tech bring out that jug I was like "What the hell is that?!"  It's a freaking jerry can!  Anyway, I'm supposed to collect all my urine over a 24 hour period and then take it back to the lab.  Now I have to clean up my fridge, so I have room for my urine jug because you have to keep it cool.  I was thinking it would be funny to purposely drink a ton of water just to see if you could fill that 4L jug.  Seeing the look on their faces at the lab when you went back to ask for a second jug because you already filled the first one would be classic.  Don't forget to eat some asparagus too.

Enough about my pee, enjoy the rest of your day.


Cara said...

I suggest you drink lots of coffee and slurpees. That will fill the jug quickly.

Cam said...

Fill the jug with 50% urine, 50% antifreeze. See what the lab has to say about THAT.

mike said...

or use the jug for gas on the way home.. I bet you would see some interesting results.

At least it's not like a sunnyD bottle or something.

You could almost set up a catheder a la the old Tom Green show..

Keef said...

I should do a 2:1 ratio of vodka to urine and see what they say.

I saw my the results of my blood tests today and I'm going to live!!

mike said...

was it green?!