Monday, June 20, 2011

Back in C-brook

I finished serving  my time of three weeks out in Airdrie and I have to admit I liked it and wish I could've stayed longer.  When I worked there before I was just stressed and burned out and couldn't wait to leave, so I was a bit hesitant about going back.  This time it was very laid back and "chill".  I mean I getting paid over $20/hr to do less than half the work I'd do at my regular store, so what's not to like?

I'd had originally planned to take a week off after Airdrie, but apparently when I told my supervisor that I'd be back to work on the 26th she ignored that and assumed I said 19th.  I managed to get three days off, and while it's not much I still had to come back to Cranbrook to drop off the Cavalier and pick up this.

The only time I get a new car is if my dad buy's a new one for my mom then I get my mom's old one.  My dad knows I'll drive whatever I have until it dies.  I get my mom's old Toyota Matrix while my mom gets a slightly newer Matrix.  What?  Her new car is a couple years newer, but it has power doors and locks and most importantly air conditioning.  Her old Matrix didn't have AC and that was one of her big complaints about it, but now she has AC so she's happy.  At least the Cavalier has AC, but the Matrix I get doesn't.  It's got the tinted windows, black interior and gray paint with no AC, so it's basically a sweat box on wheels.

Remember last time I was back and I talked about cleaning up the basement of my parents'?  It got cleaned and I helped my dad put in some dry wall.  He got some new shelves installed and then filled them with all my crap.

Yep, pretty much all those boxes are mine.  The ski boots and a couple of the smaller boxes aren't but everything else is.  Logan spied a box that said "Star Wars" on it, so I let him look through it.  I gave him this Darth Maul figure that came with a chip that when placed on the chip reader (sold separately) would say certain phrases.  Of course he wanted to know where the chip reader was and I had no idea at all.  I let him look in another box that had some Star Wars crap in it, but he didn't find anything.  I did however find a postcard that quite possibly may be autographed by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.  I remember writing to the show in the first season and getting a form letter and a postcard back.  I can't quite tell if the signatures on the back of the card are real or just copied, I'll assume they are real and totally awesome.  Don't ruin this for me and say otherwise!


Cam said...

I would like to draw your attention to a new comment on your PIZZA PARTY entry. Also, Mike was in Cranbrook this weekend, did you see him?

Keef said...

I didn't get back until Monday (yesterday), so I guess I missed him. At least he got to experience the awesome of Sam Steele Days. Party on Mike! I will try to stop by your parents today.

Thanks for update on PIZZA PARTY Cam, or should I say Luigi? Nice try!

mike said...

Yep, We were there, my favorite part was when the Whitefish MT Float died just down the street from us, all the floats got stuck behind it until the boy scouts pushed it off to the side. I wanted to yell at them to put their back into pushing it but they were too far away.

That is an impressive stash at your parents place Keith, I only have one box at home, Cam has a bunch, although he won't if I keep pulling stuff out of them.

Our new car only has a tape deck so I was after Cam's classic cassettes, I scored Fear of a black planet and Eat your Paisley.. I was this close >< to taking your demo tape but I didn't want to have to explain the Brenda song to Sandy..

Too bad Luigi didn't add a photo to his review, I suggest this one;

and nice Car Keith, you should take one of the hubcaps off though, that way it looks more badass.

Keef said...

Nice a cassette player, way to keep the format alive Mike! Do you want my cassette adapter? I used it back when I had the Wrangler. Plug it in the cassette player and the other end went to my Discman, but now in 2011 that wold be MP3/iPod.

Yeah, don't mess with that demo tape. It is actually the "master" tape and absolutely priceless.