Friday, June 17, 2011

Holy Shat!

It's that time year, time for the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo and this year's premier guest is William Shatner.  Other notable attendees are Jonathan Frakes, Matt Frewer, Summer Glau and a ton of comic book guests, but I still won't be going!  Yeah, I'm taking this year off mostly because there is nobody who I'm really excited to see.  Previous years always had a couple guests I was totally jazzed to go see, but this year I'm just like "meh".   It's hard to believe but I just keep getting lazier.

Yes, it would be awesome to get Jonathan Frakes to sign my Commander Riker collector's plate and Matt Frewer to sign my DVD of Senior Trip, but I'm also cheap!  All those genre actors all charge an autograph fee, so you are going to be paying $25 just to say hi and get an autograph on a DVD.  I'll pass.  The comic book dudes sign for free!

In past years the Expo was at the end of April, but this year they moved it to June because they needed to book even more room at the BMO Centre.  It's cool that they are adding more events outside of the regular Expo.  George Romero was supposed to attend and have a special screening of Night of the Living Dead, but he hurt his arm and cancelled.  Instead they got Linda Blair who will introduce a screening of The Exorcist at the Plaza Theatre.  Other events are the Macabre Masquarade, a cabaret hosted by Ed the Sock, Superheroes vs Zombies rollerderby and finally the 2011 Shuster Awards.  The Joe Shuster Awards are an annual awards presented to Canadian comic book writers and artists.  Local legend Fiona Staples is nominated this year and despite her lack of pocket change (see last year) I really hope she wins.

I'm sure I would've liked if I had gone, but I'll be sleeping in and relaxing.  Next year I'll be back with a vengeance.

Maybe another time...

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