Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I meant to come on to write a wrap up of my very brief trip back to Cranbrook, but I got distracted by the XBox.  I will leave you with this until tomorrow.

I drove back to Calgary on the north route because there is too much annoying road construction through the south.  The road wasn't that busy and despite some bridge construction is was relatively smooth sailing until I got to this.

This was on the Scott Lake Hill and not that far from Calgary.  According to the news it was a collision between a semi and a truck and horse trailer.  I saw the truck and horse trailer, but couldn't even tell exactly what it was.  As I was getting closer to Calgary I could spot faint black smoke in the air and then as I went up Scott Lake Hill the very top was just thick black smoke and I could see tail lights of backed up cars.  Traffic was moving, but very slow.  I managed to dig out my camera and quickly snap that picture.  I past the wreck and continued driving towards Calgary where I passed two firetrucks who were on the way there, so the accident must've been recent.

After the accident most cars seemed to drive safer with less speeding jerks passing cars left and right like they were playing Pole Position.  Well for a least a few kilometers anyway.

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