Saturday, June 11, 2011


On one of my trips back to Cranbrook, in February I think, Willie and I visited Liquidation World.  While checking out the toy isle I found something I couldn't resist picking up.  It only cost $10 plus was 70% off, so it was pretty cheap.  Behold the Chuck E. Cheese's EZ-2 Make Pizza Maker!

Yeah, you know you want one too!  Me and Willie figured that it had long expired, but I checked the back of the box and it was still good until October of 2011.  Since it was so cheap and still "good" I bought it.  I dragged it back to Calgary with me with plans to get around to writing a blog about it eventually.  Welcome to eventually!

After getting it back Calgary I finally got around to reading the box and that was then I got my first disappointment.  I thought the big Chuck E. Cheese thing was an oven, like an EZ Bake oven with a light bulb in it.  It's not an oven, in fact it's not actually anything at all!  You can put some of the "cooking" utensils inside it and the cooked pizzas sit on trays on the top in front of good old Chuck.

Here is what is inside the box, mixing bowl, utensils, Chuck E. Cheese stand and the all important ingredients.  That's right you have to make your own dough, sauce and even cheese.  Since the mixing bowl is so small, I used a real bowl in hopes it would be easier.

So far so good.

Well, it didn't take me long to screw that up!

It wasn't easier, I couldn't even make that damn dough!  I put the packet in the bowl and added the correct amount of water and mixed it by hand just like the instructions said, but the stupid stuff just stuck to my hands and was all messy.  Needless to say that was the end of the pizza party!  Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Maker I hate you!

Fuck you!

I was extra pissed at this damn thing because I was hyped to make my own pizzas and I even went out and bought some sliced pepperoni, green pepper, and more shredded cheese to put on my pizzas.  Then it all went in the crapper.  Probably a good thing though because the sauce required you to add ketchup to a powder and the cheese wasn't actually cheese, but a powder that you added water to and then added to the sauce mix.  Yummy?

 Refills?  Screw you!

I didn't get my pizza and got stuck with a bunch of pizza ingredients that I didn't even get to use and then I had to eat cereal for dinner.  Good old cereal, never lets me down.


Cam and Cara said...

Don't give up! The powdered cheese sauce may be the next breakthrough in pizza technology.

Keef said...

The user reviews for that weren't very favorable.

mike said...

lol, preach it nanna;

By nanna from linden nj 07036 on 1/3/2011
Poor Quality

Worse toy I ever bought and I buy a lot of toys

Keith, you should write a disgruntled letter to the company, maybe you could get coupons or game tokens or something..

Cam said...

Whoa whoa whoa, check that toys r us link again, there's a new review that could change your whole opinion! And it's from somebody who sounds like he knows what he's talking about, not 'nanna' or 'mom', if those are their real names...