Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Better late than never?

I had planned on writing this last year, but then just kept putting it off for various reasons.  For various reasons as in I'm just lazy.  Even though I work at Superstore I usually buy my groceries at Co-op or sometimes Safeway because Superstore is too busy and the employees are jerks.  Last year at Co-op they had a promotion running that when you bought groceries you earned stickers and could cash in your stickers for different kinds of cookware by Thomas Rosenthal.

Basically how it worked was that spending $10 would earn you 1 sticker.  The rewards I think started at 65 stickers and went all the way up 120 stickers.  A small saucepan required the least amount of stickers and 110 stickers got you a big roasting pan.  I think, that was a year ago remember.

I saved up 90 stickers for the 11" stir fry pan with lid.  I think Thomas Rosenthal is a good brand, so I though I made a good choice.  Out of all the sauce pans, frying pans and roasting pans the one I got would probably be the one I would use the most.  Am I going to be roasting turkeys on a regular basis?  I don't think so, so a stir fry pan it is.

I thought I made a good choice until I stopped to actually think about it.  I used 90 stickers to get it, so that would mean it cost $900 to get those 90 stickers.  Damn, what $900?!  Luckily, I found 5 stickers in the alley behind Phoenix Comics, so I saved some money there.  Still I could've just bought groceries at the Superstore and I would've saved enough money to buy a couple of those pans.

Fast forward to this year where instead of pots and pans they have kitchen knives from Thomas.  Okay, knives are something I can use!  Maybe even for cooking!

So many shiny knives and they all look so pretty!  I had decided to get the cooks knife and the large santoku which both cost 35 stickers.

So I filled two cards with 35 stickers and the forgot to redeem them!  Oops.  Yeah, I kept putting off redeeming my cards and when I actually got around to it I was three days too late.  How I going to cut/chop/slice stuff now?  If I did get the knives I probably wouldn't have even used them.  See below.

The picture of my frying pan (above) is the picture I actually took last year and this picture of the frying pan is one I took half an hour ago.  As you can see I'm not really putting it to good use.  It's hanging out under the kitchen table with other past blog post stars such as the severed leg and the Little Caesar's pizza bag.


mike said...

You know what would really tie the room together?
A couple of knives under that chair.

Keef said...

I was thinking a throw rug, a rug literally thrown under there.