Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not this shiat again!

Remember how I used to be the department supervisor out at the Airdrie store?  Well I'm back!  Luckily, it's not a permanent thing as I'm just there for three weeks helping out while the real supervisor is on holidays.  I started on Monday and so far it's going okay.  I forgot how boring it is out there and a 9 hour shift seems to drag on forever.  Especially in the afternoon when I've already done everything, I have to look for stuff to keep me busy.  I could do a lot more, but then the kids who close would have nothing to do and I'd rather I have nothing to do then them.

The drive is still as crappy as I remember it.  I don't mind the drive out in the morning as it's pretty mellow, but the drive home sucks.  It doesn't help that the cooling system in my car is acting up too.  As long as I'm driving it's fine, but once I stopped for periods of time or getting into slow moving traffic it's starts heating up.  Maybe the cooling fan isn't working or what, I'm not the mechanic.  I keep forgetting to have my dad look at it and it's not really a problem because usually I'm not stuck in traffic.  Yesterday, I had to crawl through six blocks of downtown gridlock with my heater cranked on to help cool it down.  At least they are paying for my gas, so that means I will be filling up with PREMIUM!

Back at my old store I was working part time, but out at Airdrie it's full time, so I'm getting a few more hours.  I'm also working Monday to Friday with weekends off, so that's kinda weird.  I never get weekends off unless I ask them, now I'm getting three off in a row.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.  Once I finish here I'm going to go back to Cranbrook for a few days.  I'll just tell my supervisor that they need me for another week and then take that time off.  Hopefully, nobody will notice.


mike said...

Dept Supervisor? Sweet, do you have minions? What would happen if you put one lobster in the crab tank?

Check 'yer coolant levels, you might just be low. Or just wait until it snows again; should be sometime next week..

Keef said...

I'm doing the department supervisor job, but I don't call myself the supervisor. At least they went out and hired a cute girl. Also, if you put a lobster in the crab tank they become best friends forever. BFF!

Coolant levels are good, I just had the oil changed and all the fluids levels topped up. I took Stoney Trail on the way home today. It's not any faster, but has less traffic, so it's my new route home.