Saturday, March 2, 2013

Never too much of a good thing

The other week when Cody and I were at Bianca Amor's and got some DVDs and the fabulous meat loaf pan set there was one DVD I saw and had my eye, but ended up not getting it.  After some time of thinking it over I decided I needed to get it, so while out to day I stopped by Bianca Amor's and picked up Hard Boiled on DVD.

I'm sure most of you guys know I like a good Hong Kong action movie, so it seems weird that I'm just now picking up a copy of Hard Boiled on DVD.  Well, what's weird is that this is my fourth copy of the movie on DVD.

This is the DVD I bought today, the Fox Lorber version released in 2000.  It has some animated 3D menus and such, but not much in the line of extras just a commentary with John Woo, film notes and trailers.  The video quality isn't great, dark and such and the audio is just mono.

The Criterion version of Hard Boiled released in 1998 has long since been out of print.  This version was one of my first real DVDs I got and my dad bought it for me back in the day from Music World.  Remember that place?  As far as special features go it's got the commenarty track with Woo,  John Woo's student film, 11 trailers for Woo's films, film notes and Hong Kong crime movie notes.  Again the video isn't all that great with this one.

The second time I bought this movie was on the DTS remastered version from the HK label, Mei Ah.  Hong Kong discs usually don't have much in terms of extra features and this one is no different.  The video and audio are much better than the Criterion or Fox Lorber discs.  The subtitles aren't bad, although there are some spelling and grammar mistakes.

Dragon Dynasty released a 2 disc ultimate edition back in 2007 which I bought.  Then just about a month ago while at HMV I bought the Dragon Dynasty Blu-ray of the movie for $10.   As soon as I got home I put it in the Blu-ray player and watched the movie.  While it's not Woo's best movie, it's Woo's best action movie and it never gets old.  After I watched the movie I went to check out the special features and noticed the Blu-ray is missing a couple extras that are listed on the box such as the interview with Terence Chang, trailer gallery, and Strangehold mini making-of.  My plan was to just replace my DVD copy with the Blu-ray, but how can I when the Blu-ray is missing stuff?  To remedy that I just slapped the Blu-ray into a double disc case and put the extra features disc from the 2 disc DVD set in with it.  The DVD has the special features missing from the Blu-ray, so now I have everything.

While the audio and video are the best of all the versions I own, it sucks that the movie has dubtitles and not subtitles.  When movie are dubbed into English sometimes they change the dialogue in order fit with the timing of the actor's mouth.  In this case they just used the script for the dub for the subtitles instead of translating the film's original dialogue, so the meanings are off a bit.

Name all the Blu-rays in the background to win an awesome prize!

I didn't need to buy another copy of Hard Boiled on DVD, but my OCD made me do it.  In the end Hard Boiled is movie you can't own enough copies of.  I also own three versions of The Killer too.

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