Sunday, March 10, 2013

Respek Cool Bikes

I've had the above picture sitting on my hard drive for the past few years, just waiting for the right time to use it.  Unfortunately, I realized I will probably never get to use it, so I'm just throwing it out there because I like it.

That screen cap is from an episode of Sealab 2021 from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.  The Adult Swim block started in 2001 and it's programming can be very bizarre(ATHF!), they're not cartoons for kids.  Sealab 2021 is based off an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Sealab 2020, and in the early seasons, they pretty much just recycled a ton of animated from the original.   I had watched the first couple seasons, but then didn't bother with the last two because I found the episodes to be very hit or miss.  Then one day I was the Blockbuster in Cranbrook and bought the final season of Sealab 2021 on DVD previously viewed for like $5.  It was cheap and it was a lot funnier than I remember.  Sealab 2021 was created by Adam Reed, who went on to do Archer.

I just think this picture from Regular Show is funny, in fact the entire episode, Cool Bikes, is one of my favorites.  Regular Show is a newer show on Cartoon Network, it's not Adult Swim though.  It can get crazy, but it's usually pretty funny.  I bet Cam never even watched his DVD.

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