Friday, September 11, 2015

Force Friday II

Last Friday was Force Friday, the day all the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens crap was released.  I was at work, but I did go to Wal-Mart...on Saturday.  There wasn't much left except for some vehicles and some lightsabers.

The good news is that Micro Machines are back making Star Wars vehicles.  They had packs containing an assortment of ships and a couple itty bitty SW guys.  I went and bought the cheapest thing they had, a Micro Machines blind bag containing a single vehicle.  You don't know which ship you will get, and whenever I buy one of these blind bag/box toys I always get the one I don't want.

Yep, a Naboo star fighter.  Boo.

The bottom of the ship has a hole where it looks like a stand would go, but it didn't come with a stand.  The thing is that I didn't see stands in the larger packs either which sucks.  The old Micro Machine Star Wars vehicles all came with display stands and what's the point putting a hole in the bottom if there aren't going to be stands?  Long story short, a bit of a disappointment.

There were also some new die cast Star Wars vehicles, but not from Hot Wheels.  The new die cast vehicles came in black boxes and were a mix of classic Star Wars and The Force Awakens vehicles.   The did have a Millenium Falcon one which is weird as I mentioned there was a Hot Wheels die cast Falcon released not that long ago.  They do look pretty similar, but I did notice the new version has a different dish on it, so maybe the new one is modelled on the The Force Awakens version of the Falcon.  I should've bought the die cast Falcon instead of the Micro Machines.

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