Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Something smells fishy around here...

Today I went to Chinatown and went to the movie store in hopes of picking a few movies and while I got some movies, they weren't the ones I was specifically looking for.  Good thing for me my mom will be in Hong Kong the beginning of November.  I also stopped by the snack food store to grab some Hi-Chew and similar candy because I can't resist buy 2 get 1 free.

Most of the candy is fruit flavoured and I usually get green apple, cherry, strawberry, grape and cola too of course.  This time I spotted a new flavour because all the others just had picture of fruit on them, but this package had a character on it.  I'll take a mascot or character based candy over a piece of fruit any day.  While I still don't read Japanese it was pretty obvious it was salmon or sushi based which sounds pretty gross, so you know I had to buy two packages.

Say hello to Kirimi-chan, the newest Sanrio character who is a salmon fillet and "a star in the sliced food world".  Pretty weird for a slice of fish to be a marketable character, but apparently that's what the Japanese people want as Kirimi-chan was the winner of the Food Character Election held in 2013.  The runner up was an egg.  I swear I'm not making this up.

For sale in Japan only?  Haha, I don't think so.

It's pink like salmon.

Even the bottom of the candy is grey which is what the back of a salmon fillet would look like if the skin was removed.  I like the attention to detail here.  It looks the part, but does it taste like salmon?

I tried a piece and at first it doesn't taste like much, but after a few chews it does have a weird salmon-y taste.  I gave one to Cody and told him to eat it and let me know what it tasted like.  He didn't like it and said it tasted like "beef".  I guess since I knew it was a salmon flavoured candy I "knew" what I was tasting.  Still he was close I suppose.  The end result is that it's not very good and next time I'll stick with cherry or cola.  Still this is what everyone is getting for Christmas this year.

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