Friday, September 4, 2015

Force Friday

If you didn't know today, September 4th, is Force Friday!  All the new Star Wars toys for The Force Awakens have been unleashed in stores everywhere.  Lots of exclusives and freebies at different retailers made it all really annoying, but I was a work, so missed it all.  Remember when The Phantom Menace toys came out and everyone was buying that crap like crazy and Darth Maul was really hard to find?  Now it sells all for next to nothing, so I'm sure it will be the same with all this new stuff.  

When the The Force Awakens trailer first came out we (Cam and I) complained about a couple things, X-Wings manoeuvring in the atmosphere, a lightsaber with a hilt and BB-88.  BB-88 is the roller ball droid and at the time I was like, that's so CGI.  Then I found out, that he wasn't CGI, but a real functioning piece of tech.  Well now, he's an actual functioning toy from Sphero.  I bought Logan a regular Sphero last Christmas, so I know how they work.  The BB-88 is obviously an advanced version with more features and a head!  If you're interested just google BB-8 Sphero and you'll see a ton of hits.  And they all say it's awesome.

I was bored and looking through the Google Play store on my phone and went and download the Star Wars app, which is free.

It is just a basic Star Wars app with weather, latest Star Wars news, and extras like selfie booth, a lightsaber trainer, augmented reality as well as pictures and sounds.  The force trainer has you using your phone as your lightsaber blocking blasts from a remote.  It's pretty cheesy.  The augmented reality thing is a bit disappointed as you need to scan special posters with your phone to activate it.  So I guess you'll have to visit Toys R Us or Wal-Mart to find one.  The Selfie booth I actually used, so check it out!

It works, but I didn't like how it just put your face in a pre-built character.  It would be awesome if you could put pictures of yourself in Star Wars scenes or yourself beside Star Wars characters.  That would be something I might actually pay for.  Get on it Disney.

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