Monday, September 28, 2015


Today I went to Market Mall just to get a new hoodie from Old Navy, but since I was there I decided to check out Toys R Us and the Disney Store to see what Star Wars goodies they had.  Unfortunately, they didn't have much which sucked.  I got a hoodie and a $3 shirt from Old Navy and they had a cool Friday the 13th t-shirt, but it was $20.  Those licensed tees used to be $14.99, damn you recession!

I also had to get gas and the Goodwill is right beside the Petro Can there, so we checked it out as it's been forever since I set foot in one.  I didn't expect to find anything good, but I did.

A shirt, DVD, and a book!

The DVD is actually from the UK so it's a different region and PAL, but luckily for me I still got my old hacked Philips DVD player.  They also had Scanners and Scanners III, but I already have the first one and the third one isn't supposed to be that great.  I'm just watching it for the exploding head part.  The book is cool because its mostly pictures!  Lots of cool pics of old skateboard stickers...memories.

After the "mall" we went to go check out Burger King because I saw on Instagram that BK has a Halloween Whopper out that comes on a black bun.  This was all a tease as they never had it once we got there.  Its either late getting here or it's a US only thing and not coming at all.  Boo.  Way to get my hopes up internet.

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