Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The book or the movie?

First of all does anyone remember these type of monster books from elementary school?

I definitely do which is why you are getting this blog post!  Of course, that was so damn long ago, I don't remember which books I read, but I remember the "orange monster books".  I remember getting them from the 10th Avenue School library.  I showed the book to Cody and he didn't recognize it, but when I had it sitting out on the table in Cranbrook, Matt saw it and said he read those books in school and he went to school out in Ontario.

In fact this book that I found at the thrift store is actually from a school, the Assumption School Library.  I've never of Assumption and had to google it and it's some town called Chateh (aka Assumption) waaaay up in north west Alberta.  Some how the book found it's way down to Cranbrook, then to the thrift store.

Looking at the list of books on the back cover, they are all from Universal movies.  The books are based right off the movies obviously as they use stills from the movies themselves.

I went on eBay and picked up the Universal Vault Series DVD of The Deadly Mantis.  The movie is black and white and was made in 1953.  The DVD is as sparse as it gets, there is literally just the movie on it.  There are no extras, there isn't even a menu!

The movie wasn't bad, it was fun to watch.  One of the main characters was Col. Parkman, and when he was first introduced as Col. Parkman, I called him Col. Fartman.  Then whenever someone in the movie said "Col. Parkman" I would say "Col. Fartman" and eventually it sounded like the actors in the movie were saying "Col. Farkman" as well.  Farts jokes = comedy.

Now I need to track down all the other books in the series.  I did a quick search of "Crestwood House monster books" and there are few articles/videos out there about them and seems like everyone else came across them at the school library as well.

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