Monday, September 7, 2015

Space Wars

When the Chinese aren't making bootleg Lego guns they're making bootleg Star Wars Lego which is twice as bad because they're really ripping off two properties at once!  I forgot I had this picture on my phone as I was too distracted by bootleg Lego guns at the time.  It's here though just in time for the anti-Force Friday, something that starts with a "M" Monday.

This box has it all, a picture of Darth Vader, Star Wars style font, even the Lego guys(or one of them) is a total rip off of Battle Droid and the ship is called a TIE Interceptor.  Despite being a total rip off it still looks kinda cool and has spring loaded shooters.  It is also much more affordable at $12 where if it was an actual Lego Star Wars ship it would be more like $30.  I also saw a different Space Wars kit that came with a bootleg Obi-Wan figure.  As cool as it is I would still buy a Lego gun.

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