Sunday, May 1, 2016


I'm not very hip to what's cool in music lately, but I never was anyway.  Usually when I buy a CD it's used and that fact that I still buy CDs just shows how unhip I am to the music scene.  Lately, I've bought a few brand new CDs of new albums and for some reason they were all from Japanese bands.  I guess it's just my way of trying to find something new and different.

The first CD I bought was from the Japanese dance band, FEMM aka Far East Mention Mannequins.  The best part was that they bundled their début album from a couple years ago with a new CD that has two new tracks on it plus remixes of songs from their début.

The band has some crazy gimmick involving mannequins, that I won't even bother to try and explain, but you can read about them over on Wikipedia if you want to know more.  They have some pretty good songs and some meh songs.  Their weird thing is that they are Japanese, but all their songs are in English.

Despite having only one album out plus a new single they have a ton of music videos.  I couldn't decide on which one, so here is L.C.S.

I also got the new Polysics album!

I've been listening to these guys for over a decade now and they seem to release something every year.  Unfortunately, their stuff isn't distributed in North America anymore, so I have to import it all from Japan.

"What's This?" is their latest album and since it has 19 tracks on it,  I felt like I worth the import.  I spent the extra coin and got the deluxe version that comes with a DVD.  The DVD is region 2, so I haven't watched it yet, but good thing I still have my region free DVD player.

In addition to not having a deal to release their music in North America and making their DVD region coded, Polysics has also region locked their YouTube page.  What the heck?!  That sucks since their videos were always cool watch.  Since there isn't a video for something off their new album I just bought here is a video from one of their older albums which I also have.


A Japanese metal band fronted by 16 year old girls!  Apparently, they are blowing up, they were on Stephen Colbert last month, and even get a thumbs up from Slash and Kirk Hammett.  I heard of this group a while ago, but after reading good things about them I decided to look into them a bit more.  When I first heard about about a Japanese girl metal group I thought it was pretty cool, but then was a little disappointed when I found out they don't play any instruments.  One girl is the main singer and the other two are backing vocals and dancers.  Babymetal is a metal band with choreography, but what do expect when they have a song called Gimme Chocolate?

Here is the video for Karate, the single from their brand new album Resistance.

Thanks Japan for always keeping me entertained!

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