Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3D is so over now...

I've been very slowly packing up things in anticipation of moving and I keep finding things that were meant to be blog posts.  I either just forgot about them, put it off or just changed my mind completely.  Here is a Star Wars post that I meant to do back in November/December leading up to the release of The Force Awakens.

I think I picked up this Star Wars micro comic pack at Wal-Mart.  It has a micro comic inside of a classic Marvel Star Wars comic, a 3D poster and a trading card.  Of course it's in a blind bag which means you have no idea what your are getting until you open the bag.  I really hate blind bag/box toys as I usually end up getting the one I least want.  Classic Keith luck right there.

Back of the bag shows you can get one of six comics, one of six poster, one of 36 trading cards and a pair of 3D glasses.

The contents of my bag turn out to be pretty cool, I actually got issue #1 which is the one I actually wanted.  The trading card has interior panel art from the comics while the back of the card has a puzzle piece.  The poster is a 3D version of the the cover of issue #1.  The anaglyph 3D glasses are at least made somewhat cool by putting X-Wings and Tie Fighters on them.

I gotta say the art looks kinda cheesy with the new colours and inks on this glossy paper.  It looks way nicer in the original comics on the newsprint paper.  The first few issues adapt the A New Hope, but they don't follow the film as they have scenes that were cut out of the movie.  The left page has a scene with Luke and Biggs on Tatooine.

The 3D poster of every bag is the poster of the comic in that bag.  I got issue #1, so I got a 3D poster of issue #1.  Guess what?  The 3D sucks!  But I bet you knew that.

The reverse of the poster show the entire collection of comics, posters and trading cards.  The comics are issues #1 to #6 which adapt A New Hope, and of course there are the six 3D posters to go with them.  Then for some reason they made 36 cards?!  I can see some collectors getting all six issues of the comics, but getting all 36 of the cards would be next to impossible unless you have some very deep pockets.

Now who wants a post about an art making robot?

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