Thursday, May 12, 2016

Turtle Power

On Tuesday, Cody and I took in some bottles/cans/milk/juice jugs that have been in our basement for five years in to the bottle depot and got $28 back.  Then I went and bought six boxes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal with it.  What else was I going to spend it on?

I could've bought another box, but I bought some bread instead and kept the change, so don't tell Cody.

The picture of cereal on the front of the box makes it looks so nice.

The reality of it isn't so nice.  You know what else isn't so nice?  The taste!  Looks like it's one box for me and five boxes for Cody.

At least I'll be able to eat that terrible cereal with my brand new personalized spoon!!'s so shiny!

The spoon is actually really nice, so nice in fact that I don't want to even use it because it might get dirty, smudged, scratched, etc.

What's my name?!

The back side of the spoon has the Kellogg's logo engraved on it.

The cereal tastes stale and I don't like it, but the spoon is awesome and I can't wait for my other three to come in the mail.

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