Sunday, May 15, 2016


I got this Star Wars BB-8 t-shirt in the mail on Friday and it was mostly free!  I got it as part of the Disney Movie Rewards program.  You earn points by buying Disney Blu-rays/DVDs/CDs and seeing Disney movies in theatres.  The points you earn can be redeemed on cool swag like BB-8 t-shirts.  Through DMR I've gotten a couple DVDs and now two shirts.  Shipping is free on some items while other items you can pay a small shipping charge or redeem more points for free shipping.  This tee had free shipping!

The BB-8 shirt is from the Funko Pop! Tees line which are shirts with graphics based on the Funko's line of Pop! figures.  It even comes packaged in a cool box.

I was going to get one a little while ago, but they were sold out.  Luckily they were restocked and I grabbed one right away in case they sold out again. 

If the shirt wasn't enough there is free standee inside.

It's actually even smaller than I was expecting.

On the DMR website they also have a one sheet movie poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  That's pretty cool and very tempting, I already have so many posters.  There is also another shirt that was exclusively for The Force Awakens première, and again very tempting.  I'll should probably wait and see how my BB-8 shirt fits.

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