Tuesday, May 17, 2016


It's been a while since Mr. Christie has given us, in Canada anyway, a new Oreo flavour.  Just in time for summer and camping it's the S'mores Oreo.

Marshmallow and chocolate flavoured crème.

The S'mores Oreo is actually pretty good, almost Gingerbread Oreo, but still way better than any other Oreo flavours.  I never actually finished that package of Mint Oreos, I just threw them in the garbage.  Since there are two kinds of crème filling, you get a little more filling than a regular Oreo, but less filling than a Double Stuf Oreo, it's like a 1.5 Stuf Oreo.  More filling = more flava.  A short story even shorter is I would buy these again!  I better hurry because they're Limited Edition!  Wait, that's different than limited time, so I shouldn't hurry?

If a Mr. Christie search bot finds this post and directs to an actual person, like what happened with my Star Wars Post cereal post, I have a quick question.  Why call them S'mores Oreos when a better hipper catchier name would be S'mOreos?  Feel free to change it for future packaging and send me a free crate of cookies, or a crate of money, either one works for me.

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