Saturday, May 7, 2016

Boxing day

At the beginning of May we received a notice from the management company where we live asking us if we want to renew our lease.  Every year we talk about moving, but then realize it involves a lot of work, so we end up just staying put.  This year Cody asked if I wanted to move or to stay and I said "Whatever, I don't care, you can decide", so Cody said, "Pack your stuff".  It's now official that we are moving...god dammit Cody.

As you all are well aware I have a lot of stuff.  Once everything gets boxed up, it'll probably amount to about 1000 boxes.  And that's just the stuff that will fit in a box!  I've already boxed some stuff up like glassware because I don't drink from glasses much anyway, some CDs and Blu-rays.  The good thing about working at a grocery store is that empty boxes are never far away.  I grabbed a couple apple boxes the other day and filled one with nothing but CDs.  An apple box full of CDs is heavy and it sucks.  I will definitely fill two more apple boxes with nothing but CDs.  When I moved in here I left two boxes of CDs sitting in the basement because I didn't want to unpack them.  And I never did!

Today I filled this All-Bran box with Blu-rays.  I still got more to go as well as some DVDs.  Packing stuff I kept coming across a movie that I want to watch or a CD that I'd like to listen to, but now it's buried away in box never to be seen for who knows how long.  The digital thing is starting to look a little more appealing now as its more readily accessible and you don't have to pack it up if you move.

While I was packing up the CDs I discovered I had two copies of the same Shadowy Men album, so now I'm getting rid of one copy.  Its only one CD in a sea of thousands, but its a start.  I also ditched a couple DVDs that I've since upgraded.  And after some long and hard deliberation I've decided to get rid of my crab.

If you want him let me know!


mike said...

Are you going to tell the crazy rabbit your new address so he can visit?

Keef said...

I'm sure he'll find it out on his own, its one of his many "talents".