Thursday, November 8, 2007

Deal of the day

I made my trip to Phoenix Comics today to see what new comics came out on Wednesday. I got the new Buffy and Astonishing X-Men plus some other goodies. Over in the section between Phoenix and Meloydia there are a bunch of toys and tons of $1 comics. In the toys there was a box of VHS tapes and some DVDs from which I got the above movies.

I got the X-Files movie, X-Men United, Street Fighter V2, and the Arnuld combo of Eraser/Collateral Damage for the low low price of $1.95 each. That is cheaper than renting! For some reason whoever brought them in took them out of the original cases and taped up the cover sleeve with masking tape with the movie instead. Kinda dumb, but whatever. The tape peeled right off the Street Fighter sleeve, but I wasn't so lucky with the Arnuld double feature. Hey, it was only $1.95 so I don't really care about the sleeve anyway because it's going straight in the DVD binder after I watch it.

I bought the X-Files movie because I've been meaning to get it for a long time to replace my VHS copy. I haven't watched this in so long, so it will also be nice to see again. If you have been meaning to get this on DVD...DON'T! After almost ten years since the first movie they have actually begun filming the X-Files sequel. Hopefully, it will be well received since everybody has since forgotten about the X-Files, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson. I believe I read it will even be out this summer, so there will definitely be a re-release of the first movie in some double disc collector's edition. It's how they make $$$.

I also bought some magazine called Otaku USA which I've never heard of before. It's about anime, comics, and the likes and comes with a free DVD with three different anime episodes. Until I got home I thought it was an issue of Newtype USA which is basically the exact same thing, a magazine about Japanese anime, comics, toys and comes with a free DVD. I was one the bargain side of the store, so it was only $1 and I bought pretty much because the DVD had an episode of the orginal B&W Astro Boy cartoon on it.

That is all!

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