Sunday, November 11, 2007


Question: "Am I too old to watch Power Rangers?"
Answer: "Most Definitely!"

But I do anyway and I like it! For Logan's birthday I bought Volume 1 of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive which I then copied at my sister's so I could check it out. All the shows over the years are pretty much the same with the rangers fighting the bad guys using vehicles that combine to form a giant robot. The FX have improved from looking really nice to still looking cheesy. For a half hour kids show it looks pretty cool, plus has some huge fiery explosions. Kids love explosions!

The Power Rangers shows are borrowed from the Super Sentai ("team") Japanese shows and then new footage with new actors is shot and re-edited to make the Americanized version. Operation Overdrive was originally Boukenger in Japan. I read that the fight scenes in the American show are actually better than the Japanese version. The fights are really good and feature some nice use of wires for jumping and flipping. It's all pretty fast paced and fairly entertaining, plus the Pink Overdrive Ranger is crazy cute. I haven't really seen any of the other PR shows much after the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but I wouldn't checking them out.

Here are bunch of screen caps I quickly did. Look at the explosions!

Black Overdrive Ranger with his giant hammer, the Overdrive Slammer.

Pink Overdrive Ranger flippin' out

Rider Kick! Oops, wrong show!

Fire is pretty.

Giant robot!

Does this pose make me look cool?

Rose, the pink ranger.

Ah, fighting, weird monsters, giant monsters fighting giant robots and explosions. I could watch it all day long. More Pink Ranger goodness with a couple shots from the transformation scene because I'm not only a geek, but a lonely geek.

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