Monday, November 5, 2007

The Next Generation

Last post, I talked about Giant Tiger and the junk I bought there. Cam got his cool new toy I bought him there, so now I can show everybody else.

It is the next generation gaming console known as the PZ3. It's funny because it looks just like a PS3 just smaller, even the controller modelled after the PS style controller. I'm sure that is all just coincidence. Running on a three AA batteries, the PZ3 doesn't even require it to be hooked to a TV as it has it's own screen that pops out from the side. You also don't need to worry about buying games as the PZ3 only plays one game. The one I got Cam plays Formula 1, but you can get Street Fighter, some Tetris style game, a Submarine one and many more! It is a considerable deal at only $9.98! Everyone will be wanting one this Christmas!

Cam made it Calgary even though it snowed and we decided to show him a good time by sitting around in front of the TV playing XBox 360. Cam is such a nice guy he bought pizza and we ordered it off the internet! It's crazy I know, but it totally worked! We have lived here for a while now and not once have we ever ordered take out, so we didn't even have any menus for pizza places. We dragged Cam to Phoenix and stopped at a Pizza 73 on the way and grabbed a menu. When we got back and decided what pizza we wanted Cam went online and ordered our pizzas from Pizza 73. It was super easy and got here pretty fast. I think I'll do it again sometime. Maybe I'll try Domino's next time.

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