Friday, November 2, 2007

More CBK + a fix

When I was packing up to go home to Cranbrook it all went so smoothly I knew I was forgetting something. I couldn't figure out what I was missing, but I had the essentials so that was it. Just as I driving into Cranbrook I finally remembered what I what I forgot! I had a couple comic books and a colouring book to unload on Logan and I had a few LPs I was going to take back. Oh well, next trip for sure. Then when I came home I forgot my Gillette Fusion razor there! Oh no, now I have to use my old Mach 3 razor. Only 3 three blades is like so primitive.

When I was in Cranbrook I had to clear my busy schedule to check out the new store that is taking the town by storm, Giant Tiger. What? The name is weird, yet pretty cool. Giant Tiger is a Canadian department store chain that is similar to other small town staple stores like Fields or Saans. Cranbrook actually had both of those stores at one time or another plus a Woolworths, Red Apple, and Bargain Shop. Let's see if Giant Tiger can stick it out.

It's located in what's left of the Cranbrook Mall. The stores isn't all that big and it has a confusing lay out. They have a little bit of everything, clothes, general merchandise and food. For some reason all the clothes aren't together, the womens/kids clothes are on one side of the store and mens is in the opposite corner. When they had an item they don't have a large selection of it, maybe like one shelf. Even for food, the cereal section was like 5 different cereals, but bonus was that they had some weird cereal I've never seen before with Looney Toons characters on it. I bought a box with the Tazmanian Devil on it for Cody which was basically just frosted flakes, they also had a Tweety rice krispie box too. The clothes are no name cheapie brands, but some of it didn't look too bad. $4 for a plain t-shirt is pretty cheap.

I even spent some money in there as I felt I should for some reason. I Cody the Tazmanian Devil cereal and I got myself the Terror of MechaGodzilla DVD for $4.99. I also got something for Cam S. that is too cool for words. I would post a picture, but he might see it and that would ruin the whole surprise. He's coming here on Sunday, so after he gets to see it then you all can too.

For more info on Giant Tiger you can check out their website. Find a location near you! Cranbrook is their only location in BC though. Overall the store gets a passing grade, even if it's hard to find stuff, but the mascot is funny looking and I like him.

When I was back I also went to Pages and CD Plus. I always hit these places when I'm back and always end up buying something there. I guess I feel some need to support local businesses especially Pages. At Pages I bought this Frank Cho Illustrator artbook which is out of print and goes for $45 on eBay, so that was a nice deal. CD Plus actually has a decent selection for a small town store. I've found stuff there that I haven't been able to find in Calgary. When I was talking to Cam on Sunday night I was telling him about the new Fatboy Slim mix and how I haven't seen it at any stores in Calgary. The next day I go to CD Plus and they have it! But I didn't buy it! They also have a nice section of used CD/DVDs, that is where I got my Probot CD. I've seen other cooler CDs in there too which makes me wonder about the people buying cool stuff only to get rid of it. Even their DVDs are cool with a section for Tartan DVDs which are Asian horror type movies. I haven't seen any of those titles for sale in Calgary. Next time anybody is back in Cranbrook be sure to check out CD Plus you might find something good.

The fix is in! Mike e-mailed me to let me know that you couldn't post anonymous comments, you had to be member. I thought I set it up so you could when I set up the account, but I guess not. But you can now! Thanks for the tip Mike.


Anonymous said...

sweet, anonymous comments.
Cam is going to be there Sunday? are you going to Joeys? or the new Joeys?


Keef said...

I'm pretty sure he said THIS Sunday, but maybe I was wrong since the punk hasn't called/e-mailed me back about when he is flying in.

It's the new new Joey's now and it hasn't been called Joey's for a while since Joey's Seafood threatened them with legal action. So be sure to throw a brick through the window of you local Joey's Seafood.