Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back in BC

I drove back to Cranbrook today for a few days of "vacation".  After I packed up my stuff and loaded up the car I was sweating and ready to go back to sleep.  It wasn't that hot in Calgary, but I just caught (another!) cold, so it was sickly sweat.  Sitting in the car for a four hour drive back to BC was that last thing I wanted to do.  I made it back despite a road full of morons and a bunch of road construction ranging the Crownest Pass all the way Fernie.

Since I've only been over to my parent's place at Kootenay a few times I sorta owed it to them to go over there.  We're going over Friday and then coming back on Sunday.  I was going to check out a few places before we left because I thought we go over on Friday afternoon after my dad finished work.  I asked him what the plan was.

Me: What time are we going over the the lake?
My dad: 8:30
Me: AM?
My dad: Yes.
Me: WHAT?!

For my time at Kootenay Lake I brought my Game Boy Micro AND my Nintendo DS, a bunch of DVDs and even a book.  I'm totally prepared!  See ya when I get back on Sunday.

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mike said...

there is an 8:30 in the AM now? huh.. did you take the book so that in an emergency you could start a fire with it? That some good thinking.