Monday, August 23, 2010


 I got off to a slow start morning because my car was down at my dad's getting checked out.  The ABS light was on, but there wasn't anything wrong with the car, so they just replaced the sensor.  It still stops when I step on the brake, so that's good enough for me.

After lunch I stopped by the Scarff residence to see what was going on.  I had stopped by last time I was back in Cranbrook, but the place was deserted.  I was there for a couple hours and got all filled in on the goings on of Cam and Mike because they don't tell me anything and Lyne, but that's not important.  I saw the new trailer and Rod's new/old motorbike.  The bike looks pretty good, love that orange.  Mike, did you get to take it for a test drive over at Arrow Lake?

Then tonight me and Willie went to the 7pm showing of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.  We both got the Toy Story 3 combos with the Toy Story 3 bucket.  I liked the movie, but as always the books were better.  It streamlined 6 books into two hours, so of course stuff is going to get cut out.  It does capture the spirit of the book and some of the dialog and scenes are straight out of the book.  I mean framing of the scenes with the camera look exactly like panels in the comic.  I wonder when it will be out on Blu-ray?  I totally forgot to ask Willie if he liked it.  I'm sure he loved it if he has any kind of taste at all.

Shiloh was in Trail helping a friend get ready for a baby and I'm beginning to wonder is this "Shiloh" actually exists because I have yet to met her. Anyway, Willie and Shiloh got another cat, an orange tabby.  I forgot to ask what his name is, but he's super cute and playful.  Willie was on the phone, so I was playing around with him.  Now I want a kitten.

I'll head back to Calgary after lunch on Tuesday.  I got to hit a few stores before I leave.  Today is Cody's birthday and I still need to get him some crap.  Too bad for him I'll have to get him a gift from Cranbrook.  Worst. Birthday. Ever.  I'll go visit the Hospital Aux and Liquidation World for a box of Hot Rods.  Hot Rods are so awesome and salty, who wouldn't love that?  Maybe I should pick up some extras for Christmas gifts.


mike said...

sure did Keith, had that badboy up to 40kmph; it's half excitebike/ half dumb'n'dumber..

you should get a kitteh.

Keef said...

Did you hit any sweet jumps?

Cam said...

Hey Mike, I saw some scruffy hillbilly driving a yellow hog exactly like Dad's down the highway near Beaverdell last time we went through there. Keith, Beaverdell is like a trashier version of Yahk.