Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back at'er

Made it back to Calgary Tuesday afternoon.  I went through north way through the park just for something different.  One of these trips I'd like to come home and find out that the Superstore burnt to the ground (or something similar) so I wouldn't have to go back to work.   No such luck.

Today being August 25th I downloaded the Scott Pilgrim Vs the World video game from XBox Live Arcade.  Me and Cody played 2 player and died on the Lucas Lee boss fight at the end of level 2.  We had it on the easiest setting and still couldn't beat level 2.  It is very River City Ransom which is a good thing.  Taking out guys earns you XP and coins. The coins you can spend on food, books and items in stores around the levels.  Some of  them are obvious and some are hidden.  Food and items can restore or boost your health, stats and or XP.  I read on a forum that it is a bit easier if you grind up your XP and stats.  There is even a book store called Flat Iron Books and I remember that being the name of one of the malls from RCR being Flat Iron Mall.  The game is pretty hard, but I should probably learn to use the other moves/techniques like block and evade instead of hammering on the attack buttons.  If only I had a Game Genie and could give myself infinite lives and a coin boost.

Coming soon pictures of some crap I got in Cranbrook.  Look forward to it.

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